Spring birdies pattern

27.03.2011 23:00

This pattern was created especifically to help in humanitarian assistance to Japan, which was hit by an earthquake/tsunami 11 March 2011.

 All NET pay-off (without the fees to Ravelry, Paypal and bank fees) from the sale of this manual from 28th March to 4th March 2011 and all pay off from the purchase of my birdies will be sent to the Czech Red Cross, more info here: http://www.cervenykriz.eu/cz/cz_root.aspx and then will go this donation to the Japanese people who really need them. I will send the total amount on the 8th April 2011 * on account of the Czech Red Cross and all those who purchase the manual, I will send the confirmation from Red Cross, that I sent it.

( * ..to all payments will be on my account. Someone pay through bank account not Paypal account, so it takes 2-3 days to occours money in my account. The purchased by paypal account to the 8th April will be included to the totall amount as well.)